Kofta Salan Recipe Pakistani

Kofta Salan Recipe Pakistani  Meatballs curry recipe famous in Pakistan and the Middle East the Balkans and Central Asia It is a very simple recipe

Kofta Salan Recipe Pakistani / Meatballs Curry Recipe

Kofta curry means meatballs made with beef chicken lamb mixed

with spices powdered

onion and serves with creamy sauce

How Many Types of Kofta Curry?

There are many different types of kofta recipes such as Kofta Salan Recipe Pakistani. mutton kofta with meat, egg, and channa powder,

Mushroom kofta including spinach, paneer, and mushrooms, and Turkish kofta with minced lamb, eggplant, zucchini, and basil.

One popular kofta dish in north India is malai kofta, which is vegetarian and includes koftas in a creamy, flavorful, and mild gravy that is sweet. 

The kofta balls are often fried with veggies and paneer and paired with roti and rice.

Kofta Salan Recipe Pakistani Style

Important is Ground beef, chicken or meat make sure not water inside the meat. If your ground meat is watery, you do not make good shape meatballs.

I am using full-fat ground beef, not lean. extra fat helps them bind and juicy soft meatballs.

I am using ground beef mince, In a large pot add beef mince, onion paste, Fine chopped green chili, black pepper powder, ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, and gram masala powder.

Mix very well all together and make Kofta balls. Size is your chosen medium, or small. I prefer medium.


  • Onion, Whole 4 green chili, ginger garlic paste.
  • In a pan add 3 tbsp oil, add onion slice and fry until lightly golden, and keep it out all fry onion in a bowl, add yogurt, and make a fine paste.
  • After you did that put it on the side.


  • Using curry ingredients red chili, turmeric
  • powder, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, cloves,
  • green cardamoms, cinnamon sticks,
  • In a large cooking pot add oil, all whole spices light fry add fry onion paste, and all the curry spices mix well add salt and half a cup of hot water cook for 10 min, once the oil is come out for the curry it means curry masala is a cook.

Add all meatballs, and 1 cup hot water and cook on a medium flame for 15 min with a lid.

After 15 min kofta ( meatballs ) is ready with tasty gravy. serve with Boil rice, tandoori naan, chapati.

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Some Few Tips To Make Soft Meatballs

  • Ground beef, chicken, and meat make sure no water inside the meat. If your ground meat is watery, you do not make good shape meatballs.

I am using full-fat ground beef, not lean. extra fat helps them bind and juicy soft meatballs.


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