Best Pakistani Lamb Biryani Recipe

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Pakistani Lamb Biryani Recipe is easy to cook and tasty recipe.




  1. In a large bowl add lamb meat, allspice powder, yogurt, tomato cut into cube.
    salt, ginger garlic paste, mix well all together and marinate 1 hour. 
    I am using pressure cooker  add oil, and slice the onion, fry until golden brown, then add marinated the lamb, add 1 cup hot water, cook until meat
    tender soft, keep it side.
    Meanwhile, In a large pot add water, become once boil add all whole spices
    cloves, cinnamon, star anise, whole cumin seed, salt.

    When a become boil water adds all rice and cooks 3/4 rice done, then strain all water.


    In a large pot add half rice spread all over in a pot, then add all cooked 
    meat spread all over the top rice, add all green chili, dry plum, cardamom
    powder, nutmeg, mace powder, then again add the remaining rice.
    Add half cup oil and whole milk with color over the top close the lid.
    Simmer time 30 min.
    After 30 min ready to eat Pakistani lamb biryani.
    Serve hot with fresh salad, yogurt raita 

    Best Pakistani Lamb Biryani Recipe