Dhal Puri Origin

Dhal Puri Origin

Dhal Puri Origin for Bangladesh and Indo Pak origin Dhal Puri meaning stuffed moong dal or chana dal this recipe mostly street food recipe.

serve with pickles. mouth watering recipe. you make this recipe all occasion Dewali Eid Ramadan.





Make a Doo

In a large mixing bowl add flour and salt mix. lukewarm water to make a dough. Now add slowly water and make a soft doo. Cover up Resting time 1 hour.


In cooking, pan adds 200g yellow lentils wash and add 1 glass water and sock an hour.

After socking cooking with turmeric powder,  whole cumin, salt mix well cooked just all water dry. Add fresh coriander leaves, mix well.  Take it to side cool down.

Working with one piece of dough at a time, pat each piece into a round disk, about 3 inches wide. Place the dough in one hand and form a cup. Using a tablespoon, add the filling to the dough (do not overstuff). Pinch the ends of the dough together to seal in the filling.

flour work surface and rolling pin. Take one of the stuffed dough-balls and flatten with your hand; working from the center, start rolling the dough.

In cooking, pan adds oil for deep frying. once oil hot add one by one dal puri. and fry until lightly golden crispy dal puri is ready to serve with sauce.


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