Authentic Mutton Biryani Recipe

Best Pakistani Lamb Biryani Recipe

Authentic Mutton Biryani Recipe is Famous India and Pakistan. Its served at all restaurants. In my Mutton Biryani Recipe easy to make at home. 



  For Rice Ingredients

 Using For Layers


I am using presser cooker to cooked Mutton Curry

 In a cooker add oil, Onion sliced, until lightly golden.


 Add all whole spiced, add ginger garlic paste, saute 5 – 6 min.

Add Mutton pieces saute 5 min.

 Add all spiced powder (  Red chili powder, Coriander powder, All Spiced Powder, Salt to taste. 


Add tomatoes sliced mix well, 4 min saute, add 1 cup hot water. The cooking time is 10 min.

After 10 min, mutton is tender. Now we have to put it on the side.

Rice Cooking Method:

In a large pot add water, salt, and all whole spiced, and boiled.


Once the water boiled add soaked rice and cooked until 1/4 done. use strainer to strain to add rice water.

Assembling Time:

In a large cooking pot first, add all Mutton curry, then add lemon slices and green chili.

Then add all boiled rice on top, pour 1/4 cup oil on top, and pour yellow color. 


Simmer 10 min low heat. 


 Serve with yogurt, salad.

Authentic Mutton Biryani Recipe 


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